Our templates offer the most visual appealing user interface to date, while delivering an extensive amount of coded options to enhance your overall MFL experience. As commissioner you can move modules around, delete tabs, just the same as a MFL skin, truely our most versatile templates to date.

We can make adjustments to any template we sell, or we can even modify a MFL skin if that is what you desire. Also our products are best viewed in Firefox Desktop & Chrome Desktop and mobile for apple safari iOS iPad and iPhone & Firefox for mobile. If your using i.e. or edge.... STOP IT!

For the commissioners who love the full page old school website layout, meaning the site is non-responsive and looks the same on the pc and on devices, we can do that also on any site we sell. However we would need to know this upfront during the quoting phase.

Also while you visit the templates and see custom sites & the portfolio area, you will see some templates are laid out just a little different, we can do just about anything here folks if you let us know in the initial quoting process.