Frequently Asked Questions

Here at DAGrafixDesigns we work closely with our clients to ensure outstanding customer support & service from start to finish, and more importantly after the sale! We have been online since 2005 working to provide the highest-quality Graphical & CSS designs for our clients. We look forward to helping you achieve whatever goals you're after.

Depends on the scope of work, if it is just an installation of code and banner then about 1 day usually. However a typical make over with art work takes about 2-3 days, if the communications are fluid.

YES..We do makeovers with skins and templates and graphics all year long, so no problem if your season has started we can build on a demo site and then install it soon.

NO...The quote is for code setup and installation on your site, a top logo and league name graphic...OR..a top full banner, and up to 3 division banners. Mini banners can be quoted at time of sale, if you prefer to have them made for your site, just let us know how many teams and which version mini banner you want.

Yes absolutely, we can do the team banners at another time, as you can keep the current users icons in place or change to text names (not make mini team banners). Additionally you can create your own art work, if you prefer to save money (Banner,Div Banners, Team Mini Banners, etc).

NO!.......That is from a 3rd party data website, that gathers your leagues data from MFL. It is available at an additional cost, please inquire about it when you speak to us if you want this or any extra app. We will do all we can to update your wesbite on the 3rd party apps the best we can do, however we dont write the apps ourselves, or support those apps if they stop working beyond our control.

For as long as your Fantasy Football League is being hosted on MyFantasyLeague.com for the coding (Unless MFL changes there master code, in which your site could be subject to end of life cycle, if it is determined it can't be repaired.) and you own the art work (jpeg,png) so use it anywhere at anytime.

No, we do not charge any yearly hosting fees for your images or files we set up on our server. However there will be additional fees on a year to year basis if MyFantasyLeague makes changes to their coding and we have to rework your site from those changes. Also if you need updated graphics or new graphics for this new year, then yes new charges will apply.

We do not permit the duplication of any of your templates or skins for use on multiple sites without our consent. We do however give you a significant discount, if you need to duplicate your layout to another league. Anyone caught trying to do so without the consent of DA, will be banned from our servers for all your websites.

Sure, however that will yield much higher cost to perform this work as it is considered a custom request.

Email us your quote in writing, if we can help you in any area of your project we will surely do our best. At DA we feel our designs and attention to detail stands alone in the industry, this is why you are here isn't it?

Absolutely, we offering coding tweaks and graphical upgrades to enhance your website and overall experience!

Yes we do! Once we review your request, we will offer a quote for the scope of work to be performed!

Yes...We can add a real nice top logo, or shield, or give you a nice banner, and even make a background change. We can also change colors if that is what you need done, just let us know.

Since this is custom work, sorry all transactions are final, with no refunds.

Once a template is installed, all league members will see the exact same site, there will be no different MFL skins viewed by some of the members causing a cluster confusion. Everyone will learn the new UI layout together and how the new improvements work on a PC and Devices, while making the site flow uniformly for all members to navigate easily.

Shoot us an email and we will be happy to get you some answers!