From time to time we will post a few projects here of our clients work for viewing, there is no way we can publish everything we do but this will offer some sample viewing.. *** PLEASE NOTE ANY LAYOUT YOU SEE ON OUR WEBSITE IS FOR SALE ***

You can also see a broader scope of work from our twitter media feed. Please make sure you click on the media tab once you are on the twitter page!


  March 4, 2017

C2C GM Dan has been with DAGrafix for several years and he decided to upgrade to the new Pro 2017 Template, in a UCLA bruins color scheme!

Click the rafters icon, really love how they turned out for him.

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Waterboys FFL

  March 23, 2017

Waterboys Dynasty League going with the new Pro 17 layout-customized for their league members.

League has custom rectangle mini team banners, custom team pages, trade pop ups, enhanced scoreboard, and a new rafters section. And yes the enhanced MFL-History addon, this league is packed jam tight!

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My Chem. Bromance

  February 27, 2018

Jason is back for his new custom theme breaking bad site for 2017!

We love when clients can do some or all of their art work themselves, however dont worry because we have your back if you dont know how or have the time.

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  March 13, 2017

It's in the hole...BushWood CC Pro17. Shawn needed an upgrade for 2017 and DA was happy to assist him. The website offers enhanced history and a custom rules by-laws page!

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  June 1, 2017

FFJ a DA client since 2006 wanted to upgrade his tired MFL site, to the all new Dark-Responsive Logo '17.

Shawn does his own art work, which is really a great addition to his league. Site has the new line-up head shots, and the new emoji chat.

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  June 1, 2017

No Church! Devin upgraded his MFL site to the new Dark-Responsive '17, which is also co-commished by Shawn.

This league has custom graphics by Shawn also, which changes the look of the site instantly! New Chat, Side-by-Side Rosters, Enhanced Scoreboard, etc.

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  June 21, 2017

Demolition Derby League under the new Pro 17 Template, and I must say this is one of my favorite custom sites as the colors and theme are very cool. Got to watch that Christine car though, as that dude will run you over!

Kevin is a good friend, that has been with us since 2006. We have done so many designs since then, another favorite is the Justice League! Maybe that one will comeback to life lol.

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  June 9, 2017

Transformer graphics on a stock MFL skin, with an extra enhancement of a high definition background, that makes the site all come together and POP!

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  July 12, 2017

Rob jumped on board for the new super jam packed responsive website this year, when i say jam packed i mean it is loaded with all the bells and whistles!

He wanted to know if we could go all out and do a custom orange and black theme, i put some extra love into this bad boy.

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  July 16, 2017

Ready for some WHOOOP ASS? Cuz Stone Cold says so.... Crystal Clean HD Banner that over looks a new modern responsive website for 2018!

Enhanced Chat will allow for each team to talk some smack all season long, who will wear the crown this year?

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  June 9, 2018

STR8 CASH HOMIE... Everyone remembers when Moss said that back in the day, and now I present to you the Dynasty Legue of Straight Cash. Customized Glass Responsive for Michael and his crew! Minis, Team Pages, Rafters, Custom Icons, etc.!

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  June 9, 2018

Finally CoinFlip scratched the itch for a custom GOT site, and i was ready! Layout has the first ever done 2 banners, one for desktop and 1 for cell phones. Additionally the top header art was coded to be full width view, giving it a poster like feel of surreal art, which took about 12 hours to locate and blend many images into this header image!

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  May 2, 2018

My Pal (Skyboss) has been with me since 2010, and runs several leagues, many with DA themes! It was a pleasure to make him a responsive Devy Jones Locker Room site, as it plays off the character of Davy Jones pirate.

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  May 22, 2018

Skyboss is back at it again, this guy takes care of me and i do my best to take care of all his leagues. Showcasing a Marvel vs DC theme, and larger minis for this layout. Custom marvel font done in adobe illustrator!

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  June 16, 2018

Another kick ass project with the 2 banner full header theme of panther blue! My man Kevin H. has been with me since the start of DA, I appreciate the support from everyone, but it feels real good to keep a client happy this long and have him push me to design something special.

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  July 9, 2018

Are you living THE GOOD LIFE? Tejas upgraded an old layout to the new large 2 banner layout with custom colors of purples and hues, the site looks incredible, just PLUM sweet! The larger mini banners set the site off and he is ready for the season. Thanks again Tejas!

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D.O.R. FFL'19

  Feb 08, 2019

Folks have come to me and said why does @coinflip22 have your 2 best designed sites? ROFL, well first I apprecaite that, but secondly there are so many cool sites we do, it is just sometimes the right colors, and theme come together to display a very pleasing site to the eyes. The GOT site still today, painfully reminds me of how long i spent on that header banner. Thanks CF!

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  March 8, 2019

Love this orange crush color theme, and the cool money caption and subtle background bullet-smoke holes! This is the second of 2 leagues we remade for Michael, and both are unique in their own way. A 10-year client with us and nothing feels better than the trust of the repeat business going forward. I look forward to his leagues next request and the challenges it might bring!

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  April 5, 2019

This is my own personal site, it turned out killer with extra coding tidbits! Love how the colors just pop and the UI is flowing nicely on PC and devices.

The black and blue really meshed well together and i used captain america scales as the background image. Layout is full of nested tabs to save on page scrolling, very cool layout indeed.

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  April 25, 2019

Very happy to do a brother league for Brent to his hero league, the league of mischievous villains is here folks! So fun doing request for this client, as i am free to explore the creative side and i think it shows really nicely. This league might get team pages also in the future, cant wait to do those babies.

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  April 28, 2019

Guys another league for Brent, just look at the main banner art and custom font work, so cool to take the name and tweak the logo into a one off piece. Love the larger custom mini banners also, this league might get team pages soon!

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14TE FFL '19

  June 12, 2019

The popular WB layout, turned into a very cool bears theme layout and colors. Added mini banners, many many icons lol to the project and a dash of orange, BOOM it sure does look sick!! Glad to welcome these guys into the next level on the MFL platform.

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  July 16, 2019

Long time client Emil recently came back to have his 2 sites custom coded with the new MFL responsive sites for his Dynasty and Re-Draft leagues this year.

Both of his white templates are so clean and fresh with a minimalist approach. Custom colors and custom art make the sites unique, and his custom coded champions page so he can pay tribute to those past champions, makes this project special!

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  July 16, 2019

Site B the Re-Draft League is an inverted flip with fresh colors!

Just love the pure text and art logo svg of the phoenix, while the no MFL tabs approach was a first in the new responsive sites, I love a new coding challenge sometimes!

These sites were reduced to six icons and this league has new ones for NFL Pick'em and Survivor.

Thank you again Emil

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  March 1, 2020

Another client from the beginning of DA, this site for 2020 has many custom features per Brians request, and we were just happy to be able to make them come together. Check out all the art work, dual banners, top-fa player tabs etc!

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  March 14, 2020

Long time client Dan decided to upgrade his Coast 2 Coast template with the new WB Glass layout, website has a 2 main banner setup for pc and mobile, along with a custom shield, custom colors, custom font type, etc. The template color scheme is incredible and it was a pleasure making this site for you Dan. Thank You again!

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  May 4, 2020

Pace upgraded his old school Madden layout to the new Madden 2020. I added extra coding to his site, such as brief standing banners, add scrolling to that long report on pc and desktop version. Cool mouse over effect added and much more inside the site!

2 Banner layout, 1 for PC and 1 for mobile.

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  May 26, 2020

Dirty Sin City, brillant custom coded candy apple red color scheme, that derived from the WaterBoys template, to showcase the clients vision.

Custom team mini banners and more art are in the works soon. Very happy to give this client what he invisioned his dynasty site to be on the MFL platform.

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  June 7, 2020

Long time client Jon upgraded his legacy madden glass site to the new responsive coding, and wanted a clean looking white site. He also wanted a custom shield made for his site and so he can use it in other applications. This site has all the custom art pieces and looks pretty darn slick to me!

No MFL Tabs, Custom Rafters, Team Helmets, etc.

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  August 8, 2020

@TruffleScuffle My good friend Jason wanted to upgrade his site, and 3 intense months of coding and new art, we have a winner folks! Jason himself created all new high definition art, with new team banners, and team pages, rafters, and the coding just gives it a nice hand shake to showcase all the hard work involved.

This custom coding work is my most intense effort ever to date. The site is a piece fo art from inside-out, down to the new Mobile-Hamburger, that my pal TOS cooked up just for me!

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  Aug 14, 2020

First World Football League upgraded to the new madden series template! Aces a blazing and let the poker begin, layout includes 2 banners and team mini banners art. Love the division banners Power & Money art.

Custom Logo FWF looks sharp, layout also has MFL-History add-on app.

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AGS '21

  April 15th, 2021

My long time friend Walter decided to revamp his site for 2021, and the template is from the BreakBad teal site as the base coding, with some changes we turned it into the masterpiece you see today.

Walter went all out with a new site display, with custom art team banners, custom team pages, custom rafters, he spared no expense to make it his way. I was lucky enough to be able to bring his roman cerberus vision theme site into play, while turning his cleat art from years ago into a niece adder piece on his team pages.

**NOTE** Some of his pages are mature rated.

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